Franklin Reviews: Songs of Death and Resurrection

Being their first acoustic and newest album (no surprise considering that they are a metal band), Demon Hunter brings forth a truly beautiful compilation of many of their greatest hits. Since these songs (12 in total) are all “resurrected” versions of previous works, except Praise the Void, the expectation could be reasonably had that it would be just a cute knock-off of the original. However, the listener will be pleasantly surprised that each of these songs possesses a unique quality that differentiates them from the original. On the one hand, this is necessary because Demon Hunter is a metal band, with even their softer tones having something of a bite to them. However, on the other hand, it is entirely possible for covers to be done acoustically wherein the tone and “bite” of the song remains to a certain extent. Examples here and here.

While it is possible for a fan of Demon Hunter to prefer the originals of many of the songs (as I do), it remains that these are all decently done renditions of their previous works. It is one that I had always wanted to a great degree. The album at its best, with Loneliness (Resurrected), Dead Flowers (Resurrected, and I Will Fail You (Resurrected), provides an earnest call to the faithful (did I mention they are a Christian band?).

While far from being bad, the rest of the album relies on Ryan Clark’s soothing vocals to carry it through. Which he does admirably. There was never any notable moment for any acoustic guitars to shine, which is a shame. The drums provide a softer, steadier backdrop throughout the album. It also uses other instrumentation in the form of violence, cellos, and piano to great effect. The introduction of these different instruments is what really gives the album its unique quality. Overall, the album was exceptionally well-done and beautiful. To give it a rating out of ten, it would achieve an 8/10. Would recommend.



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