My Day is Ruined

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Some days just don’t go as planned. There are days where you thought you were done and all of a sudden some very helpful person decides that the thing you need is more work. Those days kind of suck. Even worse, the days where the project that you have assigned yourself (voluntarily or not) takes longer than it really has to. One simple trip to the store ends up taking three times as long as it should. Yep. Those days suck. However, possibly the most infuriating days are those where your schedule is suddenly wide open. You can do anything. You “[C]an fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run[.]” The world is your oyster. All of the things that are on the backlog can now be done. Or…

You waste the day. Sorry, Sir Rudyard, I am not yet a man. There is something so paradoxically awful about days where the whole day is open. Or even evenings where nothing is going on. There is no rush, but there is nothing to replace it. When I am not otherwise engaged, it feels like my brain just falls apart. I make grand plans of accomplishment. I go for Hispaniola but end up with Jamaica. What am I Jamaican? Nothing that’s what. Worse yet Cromwell’s going to throw me in the Tower. I really can’t Jamaica it there. I’ll stop.

Why is this? I don’t know. I would google it but the only things that come up on the subject are articles trying to convince me to “give myself permission” to do nothing on days off. Too late. I already did it. Or didn’t? Did I?!

The simple answer (I think. No thanks Google.) is that we love to procrastinate and we don’t know what to do when our schedules are disrupted. We see the whole day in front of us and we think to ourselves that “hey I have a ton more time to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.” In the end, I end up always completing the project pretty much in the same fashion that I would have if I hadn’t gotten the extra time. At the end of the day deadlines and schedules are the greatest things in the world (especially for people like me who, to use a scientific term, is a useless procrastinator).


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