Not-Things On My Mind

*I’m totally not writing this because I am simultaneously moving, got my fingers smashed up in Jiu-Jitsu, and have writer's block and it is easier to put down my stray thoughts than try to write a complete piece… anyways here are my thoughts.

  1. Moving sucks, but it is very useful for getting rid of stuff you did not realize you had. However, it is in those moments that you waste a lot of money on stuff…

  2. I love deadlines. Deadlines are useful for not only getting you to get something done (yes I’m talking to you) but it’s also very nice for the fact that you can think to yourself “no matter what happens, it all ends tomorrow.” There is something very nice about that.

  3. Know what else is nice? Being missed. As I move there are people who are genuinely sad that I am going to be gone, which feels nice for the fact that you realize that you have at least made an impact where you are at. It is much better to be sad to leave someplace than it is to be in a hurry to do so.

  4. Album recommendation! From Hell with Love by Beast in Black. They are a truly excellent power metal outfit and I highly recommend. Actually, listen to all their stuff their newest album Dark Connection is truly an excellent listen (even includes a cover of Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us).

  5. Word of advice. Do not switch coffee roasts. I received a bunch of dark roast as a gift and now medium roast tastes weird. So the message: never change no matter what.

  6. Living in the Upper Midwest is hard sometimes. When it's spring up here, the weather seems to think that’s just a guideline. We have had TWO blizzards in the past month and a half!

  7. Foods going up. Everything is really. I guess that’s what raging inflation and sanctioning one of the largest exporters of grains in the world will do to you.

  8. Book recommendation. All books by Raymond Chandler. Even better listen to the audiobook of them read by Ray Porter. Chandler wrote 8 (technically 9 but it was written after his death from his notes) very good hard-boiled detective stories.

  9. I would also recommend getting into pulp fiction. No not the movie (well maybe the movie) but the old short stories like Conan the Cimmerian and The Shadow.

Well, that’s about all I got. Adieu!