Not-Things On My Mind: Ukraine and Putin Too: the Electric Boogaloo

As my intelligent readers can infer from the title of this piece, this is absolutely in no way a Things on My Mind piece that Thomas so shoddily throws together whenever he doesn’t have a good idea (which is never by the way). With that said; here’s (not)-things on my mind.

  1. John Kerry recently made a rather revealing statement in regards to Ukraine. He expressed his worry that the war in Ukraine would distract from climate change (or crisis or catastrophe or global warming or global cooling…). The reason this is revealing (besides the absolute stupidity and cold-heartedness of the speaker) is that, if Kerry is serious, then it is yet another instance of the absolute fetishization of the Planet (capitalized purposely). The war against climate change is one where human life does not matter. During the depths of the lockdown in the U.S, there were commentators, well, commentating on the fact that lockdowns had led to dramatic drops in pollution and emissions. However, the response, given quite well by Jonah Goldberg, is “exactly.” In order to do what the climate warriors want, it would require the complete destruction of the economy. This latest statement is just another confirmation that it is not humans that these extremists wish to save, but rather humanity as an abstraction. A humanity that is secondary to the Planet. If that, given the push by many for people to simply not have children. Dr. Peterson gave an excellent summation of my views on this movement; listen here.

  2. Sanctions don’t work. Let’s qualify this. Sanctions can be a very useful tool. But where do tools go? In a toolbox, where there are many other tools at our disposal. Pres. Biden (and many other countries) seem to believe that sanctioning all the things will somehow get Putin to stop the invasion. This is dumb. Biden is dumb. Putin has already cast the die. He cannot pull back with nothing to show for it, that is unless he is absolutely forced to. That will only come at the end of the rifle. However, the West is weak. We believed that just waving our finger manically at the Russian Bear would be enough to get Putin to behave. Pres. Roosevelt once said that we ought to speak softly AND carry a big stick. We have it exactly reversed now. We screamed at Putin, we waved our fingers, but as others have pointed out, the West is not ready for a full-scale war in Europe. The 2,000 troops sent to Germany means absolutely nothing. We had no big stick, so we could only speak loudly praying that the Bear would back down. Putin called our bluff and now all we can do is say “how dare you” until we are blue in the face.

  3. Speaking of sanctions. It seems unlikely that they are going to be fully implemented. What the West being weak, who could have predicted it?!

  4. And apparently, the U.S might not be willing to send weapons and material to the Ukrainians. Well, you know the old saying “Being the enemy of the U.S is formidable, but being her ally is fatal.”

  5. Speaking of weak, Germany. Yeah, if you thought that the U.S was feckless, then the Germans have us beat only in their consistency. Not only were they INCREASING their purchases of Russian gas, but they were completely kosher (just a reminder Germany) with having a gas pipeline, that would bypass Ukraine’s, going under the Baltic Sea and right to Germany. When the crisis sparked off, they sent 5,000 helmets to the beleaguered Ukrainians. Brave and Beautiful.

  6. It should be noted that this is the first shooting war between near-peer militaries in Europe in quite a long time. There was a video of the fighting in a city in Northeastern Ukraine called Sumy. It is haunting.

  7. Grandma’s are scary. Now I’m scared of sunflower seeds.

  8. I’m going to lose my mind if I hear another current or former politician/celebrity (is there really a difference anymore) condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Yes, it’s bad. It’s pure evil to put people through this. But for the Love of God, I do not give two damn’s what x politician/celebrity thinks of this (especially if you had a hand in causing this *cough* *cough* Obama).


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