Wednesday Thoughts: Gears and Ideas

Updated: May 16, 2021

Here's an idea that I have just begun playing with. Some ideas are multiplicative in their effect on certain views you already have. A good way of explaining it is through gear ratios. You see, just when I dropped my fascination with buttons, I became fascinated with gears but quickly ran out of childhood simplicity to really delve deeply into it. Thus, here's a layman's understanding of the science behind gears. For example, If you attach a twenty-tooth gear to a sixty-tooth gear, and spin it once, you get three times the regular twenty tooth gear speed. This makes sense(3 x 20 = 60). This science of gears has a great analog in the the ideas we hold

The analog is this; if ideas in your belief system fit as well as gears of similar teeth shape do (i.e., a spur gear fitting a spur gear and not a helical one), the effects of a new idea or new insight on older ones are multiplicative. A short and sweet example of this is as follows. Suppose it is in your belief system that talent in the marketplace is efficiently allocated. In that case, ideas like "build it and they will come" automatically becomes more appealing because the two gears (ideas) are alike. Thus making moves like actually building "it" and implementing these ideas into your company's culture multiplies the effect of your initial worldview. It is, in a sense, doubling down on your ideas. One can also apply this insight into making friends, talent spotting, and finding a mate. Personal improvement is possible, but fantastic speeds and growth are possible through the quality and quantity of the individuals and ideas in your life.

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