Sun and Moon

To be for something does not necessarily mean to be against something else. Or rather, in the more banal and stupid formulation of the same thought, to be for something does not mean to be anti-something else. The opposite of racist is not anti-racist and the opposite of fascist is not anti-fascist; it is simply not-something. To believe the former is to engage in an ever-more widespread logical failure.

In modern political parlance, simply being not something is not enough. One must now be anti-something. I already talked a bit about this in my piece on the problem of oppositional ideologies. It is not enough to be simply not a racist but one must now be an anti-racist. The former has the necessary condition of the absence of racism, that is, the belief in the inferiority or superiority of one race over another. The latter demands the individual see color to counteract the effects of seeing color.

This is not to say that it is not necessary to recognize someone is of a particular race. Nothing is more hysterical than seeing an older liberal white woman trying so desperately to not be racist when in reality, all they need to do is just be normal. Hypersensitivity to race would seem to me to produce more racism than simply learning to ignore it or better yet to laugh at it.

We see the same thing with the left-wing quest to find and Bash the Fash (Fascist for the uninitiated). While they find some, (Richard Spencer I don’t think Pres. Biden appreciated your endorsement.) the hair-trigger that the left-wing seems to have developed for these things seems to have produced more Fascism than less.

To be fair to the left, the right has made much out of the left-wing ties to Fascism (looking at you Goldberg and D’Souza). While this is true to an extent, Fascism exists as a third positionist philosophy and comes from a nastier part of Enlightenment philosophy; these being liberalism, socialism, and fascism. These ideologies all exist in and around one another. That is to say, every political party here in the West has policies that the Fascist Italians and Nazi Germans would have agreed with; this is, of course, beyond “we like infrastructure.” But no prominent political party or organization is fascist.

However, this fact has been broadly rejected by the hard-left as they have called for the destruction of anything with the passing resemblance to what the fascists or white supremacists would have wanted. There goes patriotism. There goes meritocracy. There goes equal opportunity. Anything that might disadvantage a historically marginalized group is treated as verboten and must be driven out into the wilderness. Disparity is not simply that but rather evidence of broader -isms and -phobes. This moral system is closed, meaning there is no room for differential opinion/politics/morality or outcomes more broadly.

This no-holds-barred approach to politics/morality is the reason for the modern problem of partisanship as we see it today. One particular view of American politics states that one of the two major political parties is the sun (the dominant) and the other is the moon (the minority). The sun party is the largest and because of this, it dominates all discourse and decision making. However, being so large means there are disparate opinions and approaches within the party, which leaves the moon party to act as the deciding vote on contentious issues and decisions. The sun is an amalgamation and cannot afford to be too partisan. At the same time, the moon is far more focused on purity as it exists only in the reflection of the sun (that is how we can see the moon in the night sky).

For much of the 20th century, the Democrat Party served the role of the sun party. You had the rather hilarious reality that Southern Segregationists and blacks, Blue Dogs and socialists, reformers and party bosses all existing in the same party. The Republicans served as the deciding vote, which they did when it came to passing the Civil Rights Act (1964).

Today the parties have an absurd problem to deal with. Neither party wants to be the sun it would seem. It looked as if the Republicans would replace the Democrats as the dominant party for quite a while. However, the right appears content to double down on the crazy when it comes to a certain Orange Man. This would seem to extend the hand to the Democrats, but as they have become quite adroit at, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by barely holding a majority in both Houses of Congress with the real possibility of losing them as early as next year..

The result of neither party being willing to take the helm only means the ship is left adrift. Hopefully, we avoid the many icebergs. How we got here is a difficult thing to diagnose. Per my curmudgeonly nature, I am inclined to blame social media, allowing either side to double down on the crazy in an endless negative feedback loop. Today the left is most affected, but tomorrow who can say. The more important question is, how do we get out of this? Well, that's simple, be responsible. (I'm not paid enough for a better answer).