The King has No Clothes

This week’s post will serve as a sort of rant on the current state of the CULTURE! (Thomas will get that joke)

In a recent interview, Joe “Have You Tried…” Rogan was asked about the propensity for Hollywood and entertainment more broadly to be so left-wing. He responded with the claim that this is, in so many words, malarky. Most of the left-wing diatribe seen from actors and actresses is merely the parroting of the opinions they think will land them the role they want and advance their careers. According to him, most of these individuals haven’t really thought about the “opinions” they espouse. This rings true.

In this way, we get the problem of the positive feedback loop. One liberal director says something, then the prospective star says something even more liberal. The cycle continues until both the director and star have moved beyond being merely liberal to being far-left. It would seem that the slippery slope fallacy is not a fallacy in many cases.

This same phenomenon can be found all over the political world. Where the expectation for certain behaviors will lead to the doubling down of those behaviours. Once upon a time, it was incumbent on you to tolerate the existence of homosexuals, and others who diverge from the norm. It was none of your business and they weren’t doing anything to you. That’s all well and good, with most of the country coming to that same conclusion. Then it moved to acceptance, which demanded, amongst other things, the willingness to be around and associate with said individuals. Again fair enough. However, the latest manifestation of this is the demand for celebration. You must actively support, celebrate, and encourage behavior and attitudes exhibited by the LGBTAARP lobby. It is no longer about toleration and equality, but submission and power.

This can be seen practically everywhere. Whether it be the government of Colorado continuously harassing Jack Phillips whose high crime is only that he has a religious conscience. Or the fact that the first Trans “woman” weightlifter from New Zealand will represent New Zealand in the Tokyo Olympics. This all but guarantees the country the Gold by the way. The female athletes who were forced to compete against, let’s be honest, him were told in no uncertain terms to shut up. So much for feminism. The same phenomenon is being mirrored with race relations. The country seems to barrel straight towards the reinstatement of racial essentialism as the primary mode of thinking.

You are told that you are not allowed to live and let live anymore; instead, you must participate in the subjective truth of others. While they are perfectly entitled to their “truth,” I am also entitled to mine. But you can’t say that anymore. You are not allowed to declare that the King has no clothes. If you do, you risk the threat of expulsion from social media at best, from your career at worst. And it is only going to get worse.

To chase the rabbit, I don’t believe most of these people believe, again let’s be honest, the crap they’re claiming. But in the end, the effect is the same. The delusion will become reality, or rather, they will make the delusion reality at any cost. Why do they do this? Well simple. Power. And to paraphrase good ol’ Cocaine Mitch (Mitch McConnel for the uninitiated), “My God do you guys want power and pray you don’t get it.” Unfortunately, it seems they got it.


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