Things on my Mind #10 - Empathy Edition

Words to ponder:

  1. "Do we want to be respected because we can imagine how others feel about us, or are we empathetic because that is a 'good look'?" - Robin Hanson on Values

  2. Konstantin Dmitrich Levin, at his bachelor's party with his intellectual companions, described how he felt by the prospect of his marriage. "No; if so, I should have felt a little, apart from my feeling" (he could not say love before them) "and happiness, a certain regret at losing my freedom...On the contrary, I am glad at the very loss of my freedom" - Konstantin Dmitrich Levin (a character in Anna Karenina) on marriage.

  3. "In no country is criminal justice administered with more mildness than in the United States" - Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America.

  4. "If we look at African American male high school dropouts, ages twenty to twenty-four, 19.2% are employed, yet 26.4% are in jail." - Tyler Cowen in The Complacent Class.

  5. Here's a contrarian opinion I hold: We SHOULD, in fact, meet our heroes and, We MUST watch our favorite childhood movies as adults. The broader point is that it helps you correctly calibrate your perspective on life instead of holding a deluded, or possibly misguided, view of the world. This assumes that the adult way of life is the correct way of viewing things.

  6. What is poverty other than pinning far too much hope on resources one does not currently possess? (Especially in well off countries.)

  7. To lack intellectual rigor (or intellectually sloppiness) is to not connect the struggles of which reason makes one aware to the answers already provided by the fact that we continue living. In other words, one lacks intellectual rigor if they can't connect the questions about life that reason shows you to the answers you already know.

Certainty Rating: 52%


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