Things on my Mind #12

1. Here’s an idea I’ve been chewing on with ample explanatory power. “Nested games” These are rogue games within a game that affect the overall game. For example, a team with sub-teams has a goal of dominating a tournament, each sub-team’s game, although removed, affects the overall outcome. This idea is a useful tool because it explains much of the contemporary political divide. I need a worthy topic (i.e., a non-political one) to view through this lens!

2. Paradigm shifts in Economics. Can someone please tell me what happens after this? Or this? Most paradigm shifts are paradigmatic because they signal the end of a field and the beginning of another. However, while I’ve always loved the insightful and precise answers economists ask and answer, there’s not much discussion or writings about what happens after a paper upends an entire thought process or discipline.

3. Why does spirituality seemingly cure addiction? This, on its face, is a fascinating phenomenon for multiple reasons. Firstly, we observe that even non-believing types claim to be spiritual and get quite a bit of their spiritual nourishment through things like Alcoholics Anonymous, Yoga, and the like. I recently heard a veteran describe the role spirituality plays in his ongoing recovery from his moral injury (aka PTSD) that led him to seek escape through substances. Interestingly, his was another anecdote that makes this question more pressing. If spirituality of some form cures, or at the very least alleviates, addiction, shouldn’t we be encouraging some form of spirituality? Further, other than community, what aspects of spirituality should we stress that are undersupplied in the broader society? Also, why is this, relatively, understudied?

4. Why do few people care about the grand projects kids do. For better or worse, no other group of individuals has more grand visions for the future per capita than kids do (Elon Musk is an outlier). Grand visions for the future are underrated. The most plausible short term cure to this is raising the status of bright children a bit more than we already do. This does not mean worshiping them. Probably increasing it by one or two basis points.

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