Things on my Mind #8: Smorgasbord Edition.

1. Why does seemingly everyone have a "killer" chili recipe? Tax this!

2. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Janet Currie whose work has revolved around early childhood circumstances and their effects down the line. I found it pretty interesting to do a dive into the relatively unusual circumstances that one has in their life. Essentially, be on the lookout for your comparative advantages and the areas they manifest. Then try to do an ex-post analysis of the influences. How much of your preferences are influenced by non-obvious factors from your childhood?

3. Conversations about whether or not it is appropriate to have Christmas decorations in stores and in people’s homes should be taxed. Who cares?

4. What does it mean to be fashionable? Thinking through this question, we encounter a tricky issue: fashion, like art, has no one function. The best definition is one that appeals to a community. In keeping with the spirit of this edition, some trends in some communities should be taxed.

5. Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are is a true saying. The point about picking your friends wisely is an opinion I readily endorse. However, the issue is, if you truly internalize this idea, you'll end up being alone, as there is no perfect individual. So, here's a helpful addendum. Essentially, when choosing your friends, weigh their flaws with their strengths. You will pick up some of their bad habits but let’s hope that their strengths outweigh their flaws. Or, that their weaknesses are in the areas where your strengths shine. In the end, you become a weighted average version of who you once were and who they are.

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