Thoughts on Thanksgiving

*I’m technically double-dipping on writing this piece. But you know what it’s my bowl, my dip, and ultimately I don’t like to share. So I’m writing this anyway.

As the name would imply, the entire idea behind Thanksgiving is about gratefulness and giving thanks for what we have. I’ll be beating a dead horse when I say that this is something we sorely need. I sometimes think that it’s rather convenient that Thanksgiving is in the same month as election day. No matter who gets elected, half the country’s pissed. Maybe it's good that we have an entire season dedicated to being grateful. More so that we are by tradition and morays forced to sit at the same table and (gasp) talk to people we might not necessarily agree with on politics. Even if literally nothing comes of the conversations, then at least we have a human face to the foe so to speak. Or even better, maybe it’s a good day to not talk about politics at all and just not give a damn for one day.

Another part of gratefulness and this holiday, methinks, is that gratefulness can only occur in hindsight. We still face the unknown in the future (for now in our imagination), but the past is behind us where we can perhaps less dramatically look upon it and discern the silver lining. The future is perilous. We could face nuclear war, civil unrest, get ripped limb from limb by semi-feral Karens (by far the most likely thus far) or we could be just facing the long dark winter ahead, with hope that it will be alright.

The Winter Solstice i.e the start of winter was traditionally a time of feasting. While it’s the time where the night is longest, with it also comes the hope is that better days are coming and that the worst is over. The days will get longer and hopefully warmer. The time building up to it are days where the fate of you and your own is up in the air as the nights get longer and the salvation of dawn gets farther and farther off. We don’t have that luxury at Thanksgiving as far as I can tell. The worst is still to come. We can only go forward with hope and gratefulness.


The strategy for consuming more food is to not try to do it all at once. The temptation is that we should fast for a truly huge meal. Unfortunately, our stomachs are significantly smaller than our imaginations and expectations, thus, we can only eat about as much as we would normally eat (with room for a little hopefully God permitted gluttony). The true strategy is to graze all day long. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Go forth with this knowledge in your breast and consume!!!

What’s that?! You don’t want to gain weight?! Well, you might just not be American… I need to make a call…


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