Why so Serious?

For the past several weeks, the city of Shanghai in China has been under an extremely strict lockdown. A YouTube channel called China Uncensored does a really good breakdown of what is going on (although Communist officials are claiming that the lockdown will soon end. Just remember; 14 days to flatten the curve.) A big point of these lockdowns, as well as previous lockdowns worldwide, is some of the absurd situations and mandates that occur. What do I mean?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, especially early on, you had many areas of the world that were under extremely strict lockdown. Early on this was perhaps partially justified by the fact that, thanks to the duplicity of the CCP, the nature and lethality of the virus was unknown. However, you still had cases in places like Britain where police officers were breaking down people’s doors for reports that they had too many people in their apartments, or a cop choking a woman for not wearing a mask. In Australia, you had Covid camps for those who tested positive. Out of New Zealand, you had a case where a couple of individuals were arrested for smuggling KFC into a lockdown zone. In another darkly humorous instance, a man in New Zealand was shot and killed and the New Zealand authorities tested his body for Covid, and when it came back positive they listed it as a Covid death. I guess it was that bullet variant.

The absurdities continue in China’s lockdown. Videos have surfaced of Chinese “healthcare” workers testing anything and everything for Covid. This includes such things as cats, catfish, and floors. They have required all citizens to get tested, which of course means entire neighborhoods have to mass together in massive crowds waiting to be tested. You cannot enter locations that might be crowded without a negative Covid test, which of course means that a nurse who is dying from an asthma attack should die outside a hospital because she had not taken a test. You cannot allow people to go out to shop for groceries for fear of spreading Covid, which means you lock (sometimes with chains and sometimes with welders) people in their apartments where they can only get food through a delivery service. Of course, there is the problem of the app crashing. Or there not being enough food. But do not worry provinces throughout China are shipping massive amounts of food and supplies… which either rot in the trucks and trailers they are sent in or rot in warehouses… moving on.

But what if you get infected you may ask? Worry not, the authorities of the CCP will simply transfer you off to Covid camps where you may get a blanket. What if your child is infected? Well, they’ll be taken from you and (might) be supervised by authorities.

So why am I writing this? This is to point out one of the inherent problems of authoritarianism; it necessarily produces absurdities and contradictions. I talked last week about, in part, the problem of Kantian Deontology. This is that it's inflexible, that you must always follow a maxim no matter the result. This is what we have seen all over the world in regard to Covid. Rules that might sound reasonable, but when complicated issues arise they become absurd and, frankly, evil. But that is the problem of top-down directives, isn’t it? It is easier for officials to just enforce a rule no matter the context than it is to actually think about what is occurring. This can happen in supposedly free countries like Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand (I only mention Anglophone nations for the fact that I don’t speak foreign) where they consented to tyranny. Here we had much the same problem, though the government was not able to be quite as totalitarian. In China, authoritarianism is the system and not a bug.

If I can be grateful for anything about this pandemic it is that it has revealed how stupid, useless, inefficient, and frankly evil big/totalitarian government is. Despite what all these governments have done (i.e punching themselves repeatedly in the balls) they have not been able to stop the pandemic. Frankly, they haven’t done anything to alleviate any suffering. The only thing that governments did well was to reduce the regulation of pharmaceutical companies in order to more quickly develop a vaccine. Let this be a lesson that when large entities like the government claim to be helping you, be careful that they aren’t actually strangling you instead.